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Hair loss is one of the major concerns affecting both men & women in the modern world. It can range from hair thinning to complete baldness.

The reason might be attributed to genes, stress, environmental conditions like weather change, prolonged illness, usage of chemical products on scalp or underlying medical condition. The most common hair loss condition is called androgenetic alopecia or hereditary pattern baldness.

Medical treatment (with Minoxidil or Finasteride) is generally preferred for treatment by the patients & by the physicians. There are certain other methods to reduce hair fall like treatment with PRP ( Platelet-Rich Plasma), dermarollers etc. However, the success of these methods is limited.

In many cases of hair loss, particularly in androgenetic alopecia, hair transplantation may be the single method to solve this problem. Hair transplantation is also successfully applied for the treatment of many types of hair losses other than the androgenetic alopecia. The hair transplant can be used in many other cases of acquired & congenital baldness such as in post burn squeal and to camouflage various skin marks. Both inherent and acquired losses of the beard, mustache, and eyebrow can also be successfully treated with hair transplantation .(1,2)

The two widely accepted techniques of hair transplant are FUT ( Follicular Unit Transplantation) or popularly known as strip technique & FUE ( Follicular Unit Extraction). While FUT involves surgical removal of a strip of skin bearing hair from the back part of the head ( called the donor area) and dissecting into small follicular units (individual unit of hair). On the other hand in FUE, individual follicular grafts ( may comprise 1-4 follicles) are harvested with the help of manual or motorized punches. (3,4) The punches are hollow & cylindrical in shape with a diameter 0.7-1.0 mm.

Both the techniques have their own advantages & disadvantages. Howsoever the disadvantages can be overcome with due practice. These are described as follows. In FUT, since a strip of skin is removed & then the donor area is sutured, a linear scar remains at the back part of the head (one of the main reasons why this procedure is not preferred these days) & the healing duration is prolonged. In this technique, approximately 1000-1500 grafts can be harvested in one session, which might not be sufficient for favorable outcome.

The procedure of FUE has overcome the disadvantages of FUT & is widely done now for favorable outcome. With the current use of FUE technique, almost none prefer the FUT method of hair transplantation. To list out its advantages over FUT, minimally (almost no) visible scars, shorter recovery period, minimum risk of nerve injury, other donor areas can be selected like chest or beard, multiple sessions can be carried out which means as many as minimum 6000 grafts can be taken out if the donor area is good. The disadvantages of FUE are a wide donor area has to be used & transection of grafts. But by a well practiced surgeon, these disadvantages are overcome. Thus the accuracy with which the procedure of FUE is done is the most important factor. Along with accuracy, speed is another technical factor affecting the result of the surgical procedure.

To conclude, it is important to understand that, in all hair restoration procedures, skill of the surgeon is as important as the precise surgical method. It is crucial to anticipate the cosmetic and psychological problems before they arise and take steps to avoid these. Hair transplantation procedure involves an art form as a science and should never be forgotten in a rush to technology.

The grafting of follicular units remains the “gold standard” in the hair transplant procedures. It is difficult to see this being superseded in the future. It is essential that the surgeon always considers the sensitivities and requirements of each & every patient & not just regard him as a mere “client” to be processed through a semi-automated surgical production line.


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The staff is wonderful especially Dr Aseema Pati with such a caring during treatment that you feel relaxed and her continues follow up with the patient as a doctor that how patient is feeling and lifts the phone call of patients 24*7 and also guides us with precautionary measures to follow I personally thank Dr Aseema Pati with my heart God always keep blessings on her as a wonderful young Doctor very caring and professional experience.

It my pleasure to wire review for .“Centre for Oral, Maxillofacial & Hair Transplant Surgery . Dr. Aseema pati done my whole process of hair treatment. All doctors and staff are so co-opprative and service is impressive. She has well experienced and as well as qualified technicians. Dr. thoughly understand emotional side of patients and guide me extremely well with experienced. It was my amazing experience choosing COMHTS. Just had a hair transplant about 2700 grafts. After 2 montht got satisfactory results. Excepting great results in coming months.


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