“Great braces for great faces”

In this day and age of fast interactions, a beautiful smile goes a long way. Not only to make a lasting impression, but a perfectly aligned tooth is also useful for your oral health. Getting your teeth aligned not only boosts your self-confidence but also enhances the functional ability of your teeth.


The main aims of orthodontic care are to produce a healthy, functional bite, creating greater


resistance to disease and improving facial appearance.


The need for orthodontic treatment among adults is becoming more common in the last decades as it results in a good functioning and esthetically satisfying dentition in accordance with the face. The social and psychological impact of it may develop the desire for orthodontic treatment. While the procedure to get your teeth straightened might be a long one, but it is essential to have it corrected. Here are a few FAQ’s which might help you understand the procedure better.


Q1: How long will the treatment take?


It differs from person to person. For some individuals, it can take 6 months while for some it can take 30 months. It depends on the complexity of the case.


Q2: At what age can I come in for orthodontic treatment?


There is no age limit on getting orthodontic treatment done. The best age to get your teeth aligned is pre-teen (as a growing body adapts to change faster) but there is no absolute rule that people cannot get their teeth corrected at a later age as well.


Q3: Will braces hurt?


Getting the braces on is usually quite painless. You might experience a bit of pain during the first few days, but that’s just because your teeth are getting adjusted to the braces.


Q4: Why do I need to get my teeth extracted before getting my orthodontic treatment?


Extraction of teeth is done when the space in your jaw to accommodate your teeth isn’t sufficient. While most cases would require extractions, it might not be necessary for younger patients.


Q5: Are there any alternatives to metal braces?


Yes, there are. Ceramic braces are a great alternative to metal braces as they are tooth colored. Another alternative – Lingual braces- where the braces are positioned on the inner side of the teeth making them virtually invisible, so you won’t have to feel conscious about getting braces. But the best option among them is INVISALIGN. These are clear braces and a great alternative to metal braces for teens and adults. Invisalign treatment is extremely useful for aesthetic purposes.



Q6: How can I recognize an orthodontic problem in my child?


Teeth with crowding, spacing are obvious indicators for need of orthodontic treatment. It is usually recommended that a child come in as early as 7 years of age to intercept any potential bite problems.


Q7: Will there be any restrictions in my eating habits once I get braces?


Yes. As long as the appliance is in place, there are going to be certain foods which you cannot eat.


For example sticky foods, hard candies, foods that you will bite into, etc. Your orthodontist should


provide you with a list of foods to avoid.


Q8: Apart from cosmetic reasons, are braces necessary?


While most people might get orthodontic treatment done for cosmetic reasons, there are other benefits to getting your teeth straightened as well. Individuals with misaligned teeth not only have trouble chewing their food but have trouble with their speech as well. Cases of bad breath because of failure to maintain oral hygiene, mouth breathing are some of the problems people face due to misaligned teeth.




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