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I know that the name Genioplasty is new for most of you. But it is so simple that the chin treatment is commonly called Genioplasty. Let’s dive into the details of a remarkable cosmetic surgery, Genioplasty (Chin Surgery).

What is Genioplasty?

Genioplasty is a type of cosmetic surgery that involves reshaping or altering the chin. It is usually a cosmetic surgery, so people prefer it for appearance and facial harmony and not because of a medical problem. By changing the skeletal muscles, soft tissues, and dental parts of your face, you can change your appearance.

Who can perform this surgery?

It is a type of surgical procedure performed by Oral & Maxillofacial surgeons who are specialized in treating the head, face, mouth, and jawbones. However, plastic surgeons can also perform this procedure if they have the expertise and training. 

How does the Procedure work?

Experiencing a genioplasty involves altering the shape of your chin. Before getting a chin augmentation, patients should have a consultation with a licensed surgeon to discuss their current health status and medical history. The surgeon will take X-ray and CT images of the face and jaw to identify the most suitable procedure.

This procedure is usually done with chin implants. These implants can be made of silicone or other materials that mimic bone. Your doctor will make a hole in your lower lip or under the chin. They will then reset your chin or insert implants.

There are several ways to do this:

  • to develop, or to move the chin forward
  • rolling back, or moving the chin back
  • side-to-side, which can help with asymmetrical chins
  • direct changes, such as making the chin longer or shorter

In most cases, people should avoid solid food for at least 6 to 8 hours before surgery. They can drink clear liquids up to 2 hours before surgery. Chin augmentation procedures require general anesthesia. And the patient can leave right after the surgery.

Who can take Genioplasty?

It can be done for those candidates who are dissatisfied with their existing chin. It includes various problems like:

  • An overly large or small chain
  • Protruding chin
  • Chins that are too short or too tall
  • Receding chin or retrogenia
  • Misaligned or asymmetrical chins
  • Abnormal dental bite
  • With other cosmetic surgeries

What is the condition after surgery?

Post surgery, we recommend the patients take oral antibiotics for 2 days and eat normally when they feel to do so.

After three to five days, the patient can remove the wound dressing and squeezing tape and return to their daily routine. Do not exercise for the first 10 days after surgery. Do not take part in contact sports for six to eight weeks.

But if you notice any of the following, contact your doctor immediately:

  • fever
  • injury, redness, or chronic inflammation that lasts more than a week
  • the strong-smelling odor of the cut
  • yellow or green discharge
  • bleeding that can be stopped by simple pressure

Genioplasty Surgery at COMHTS

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