What is Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) Treatment?

There are several types of hair transplant surgeries or treatment to help regrow lost hair. Follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and Follicular unit extraction (FUE) are the two most popular and common techniques that are used.

During FUT, a surgeon cuts a strip of hair from the back of your scalp and extracts individual hair follicles. During FUE, a surgeon removes follicles directly from your scalp. In both surgeries, the follicles are implanted into balding parts of your scalp.

Direct hair implantation (DHI) is a modification of the FUE technique. In FUE, a surgeon manually cuts channels in your scalp before implanting hair follicles. During DHI, they use a specialized pen-shaped tool that can done at the same time.

How direct hair implantation works

DHI is a modified version of FUE hair implantation and follows a similar procedure. Your surgeon will remove hair follicles from a part of your scalp, usually the back of your head, and implant them into balding areas. These hair follicles will eventually grow new hairs.

Here’s what you can generally expect during the procedure:

  • Your surgeon will shave your head and apply local anesthesia to numb it.
  • The surgeon will extract hair follicles from the back of your head using a tool with a fine tip.
  • The hair follicles will be loaded into a pen-shaped tool and implanted into the balding part of your scalp.
  • The surgeon will apply an antibiotic cream and apply a bandage to all sites.
  • FUE and DHI surgeries generally take about 8 hours to complete, but the exact time can vary depending on the number of hair follicles being transplanted.
  • It can take 12 to 18 months to see the full results of the surgery.

Who needs a DHI procedure?

People with androgenic alopecia, which is the most common type of hair loss, are the best candidates for direct hair implantation treatment. This condition is commonly referred to as male or female pattern hair loss.

The following characteristics also make you a good candidate for hair transplantation:

Age:- People who wants hair implants should be over age 25.

Hair Size:- People with thicker hair usually achieve better results than people with thinner hair. Thicker hair gives each hair follicle more coverage.

Hair density:- Patients with a hair density of fewer than 40 follicles / Sq. CM at their donor site are considered poor candidates for hair Implantation.

Hair color:- People with light hair or with a hair color close to their skin tone can achieve the best results.

Expectations:- People with realistic expectations are most likely to be satisfied with their results.

Complications in DHI Treatment

The complications in direct hair transplant surgeries or treatment include:

  • bleeding
  • dizziness
  • pain
  • increased heart rate
  • inflammation of hair follicles
  • sparse appearance around donor site
  • scarring

DHI hair transplant cost in Hyderabad?

The cost of a direct hair transplant varies from candidate to candidate, The cost can calculated only on the total amount of hair that’s implanted. So first visit the clinic. For more details call us @ 8112292416



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