Month: May 2021

best hair transplant in hyderabad

Botox Treatment

“You are looking so young”, a compliment every one of us wants from others. There are numerous cosmetic treatments to own your look and one of such treatments is Botox. The main aim of Botox is “To look more relaxed and less stressed.” What actually is Botox? Botox is given in the form of injections …

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What are the complications associated with a hair transplant?

The ‘New’ should always need extra care. The same applies to transplanted hair as well. Hi, I am Dr. Aseema Pati, Hair transplant surgeon and I am back with another most important query on hair transplant – What are the complications with a hair transplant?  Hair transplant is the most common and less complicated aesthetic …

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Different Types of Hair Transplants

If you have severe hair loss, special shampoos, supplements, and ingestion products will not provide dramatic improvement. That’s because once you start balding in certain areas, the follicles of those individual hairs have become dormant and stopped producing hair entirely. Although there are a variety of dietary supplements and vitamins marketed to treat hair loss, …

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