Right age for hair transplantation

What Is The Perfect Age To Have A Hair Transplant?

Short or long but thick hair is the all-time favorite and aspiration for any gender. Anyone can be confident with a full head of hair. Why can’t you?

Hi, I am Dr. Aseema Pati, Maxillofacial and Hair Transplant surgeon. I did numerous surgeries and met countless patients in my entire career. The very often question I come across from them is ‘Am I eligible for the Hair Transplant Surgery?’ I have already mentioned this question in my previous video on ‘Questions to ask a Hair transplant surgeon’. But many viewers have approached me to elaborate on the age parameters for a hair transplant surgery.


Is there any ‘Right age’ for hair transplantation?

There is no best answer to this question. A hair transplant is a safe and secure surgery where any person can undergo depending on the severity of hair loss and stage of baldness.

For a 20-year-old who feels the loss of hair, a hair transplant may seem like a good choice, so you may continue to have a full-grown youth head. However, any hair transplanted will always be there. In the next ten years, your hair loss may start to improve and you will be left with a permanent piece of transplanted hair. Unfortunately, this will not be a natural appearance, and treatment to re-implant is an additional cost. However, doctors who practice ethical hair transplants understand this and plan accordingly.

If you are above 20 and below 30, this is the crucial stage to decide whether to undergo the surgery or not. The early ages in this scale are also not advisable for the surgery as the hairline is not perfectly determined and can get the same impacts as the below ’20s. We recommend hair transplants who are above 27 years of age as the hair loss pattern is fully decided and noticeable.

Hey the 30s, this is for you.

If you have a strong family history of hair loss, you must consult the doctor even if you are taking any medications. The hair transplants are suitable for people who have hair on the back and sides of their head, as the front and crown can be restored to match the shape, orientation, and anointing of the traditional hair strands.

Is there any such thing called ‘Too late’?

Yes. If you wait until 40 years later or more, hair loss may be too severe to be corrected – especially if you have advanced balding. There is a limited amount of hair that surgeons can harvest to keep the results looking natural; It is also important to note that you cannot use donated strings from other people, as your body will reject any DNA that does not belong to you. Also, leaving too late is not good for patients who want implants to be secretive, as they will leave a hair transplant with significantly more hair than when they entered.

Still, worrying to decide? The best and most helpful thing you can do is to consult a hair transplant surgeon to determine your suitability for surgery. Surgeons at COMHTS are excited to see prospective patients at their clinic. Feel free to contact us. Why wait? Call us at 81122 92416.

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