How to choose the best Hair Transplant Clinic?

With the change in environmental and dietary conditions, hair fall has become the most common and serious issue nowadays. Everyone’s answer is “Yes! Horribly” when it comes to hair loss. The hair is such a tricky organ where it interconnects with the psychological aspects of humans. Loss in hair leads to a loss in confidence levels resulting in becoming anti-social. At this stage, they will start looking for a remedy or treatment to explore themselves from the confined places. Hair Transplant Surgery – the best invention in the cosmetic industry to treat baldness. 

But there are numerous questions on how to choose the best hair transplant clinic?

Check on the doctor’s credentials

The most important aspect in choosing a hair transplant clinic is the credentials of the person who is doing the surgery. Hair transplantation is a form of cosmetic surgery and only plastic and cosmetic surgeons are entitled to perform the procedure. Any technician or physician cannot perform this surgery without qualification and training.

According to Indian Medical Council, only the following doctors can perform the Hair Transplant surgery.

  • Plastic surgeon 
  • A general surgeon trained in hair transplant surgery. 
  • Dermatologists
  • ENT surgeon.
  • MDS, Maxillofacial Surgery

Have a look at the Experience

Hair Transplantation possesses artistic skills to place the grafts in the right place as per the patient’s facial structure, texture, age, and sex. Qualification without the proper experience is not preferable. Also, the experience is not just a number but also the updation to the latest advancements in FUE and other restoration techniques. A well-trained doctor may know how to manage at the time of complications in the surgery process.

COMHTS Hair transplant clinic is equipped with a well-trained surgeon with hands-on experience in handling artistic, scientific, and psychological aspects of the surgery.

Don’t forget the Clinic Staff

A hair transplant is a team effort and the approachability of clinic staff plays a huge role while choosing the best Hair Transplant clinic. A single lemon drop can break the whole milk. Hence, one should make enough research on the skills and behavior of the staff who takes a part in the surgery, keep a check on the results and follow up after the surgery.

Infrastructure & Technology used

If you think that infrastructure is not of much value in the hair transplantation process, then you are wrong. The use of the latest techniques and equipment in surgical and non-surgical treatments makes a big difference in the successful outcome of the procedures. 

COMHTS Hair Transplant Clinic used advanced therapies and technologies to deliver the best results. We will not compromise on anything less than premium quality and hygienic equipment adopted for surgeries.

Research on the Success rate

For any success, proper planning, analysis, and skills should exist. In hair transplantation, the hair is taken from the patient’s body itself, hence there will be no term called “rejected”. But the success depends on the hair analysis done by the doctor because no two persons have the same hair or skin texture.

But how to know the success rate? It’s a bit hard to know but one can ask for the before-after pictures of patients and can even check the reviews over the internet.

Post-Operative care

Post-operative care has the same importance as surgery. Any negligence in the after-surgery aspects leads to serious side effects. One should research the follow-up care given by the doctor and clinic staff for a patient after stepping out by taking surgery.

COMHTS is known for the care given to patients after surgery. Timely follow-ups regarding the condition and guidance with the precautionary measures. Why waiting? Start your research today to choose the best hair transplant clinic and get a permanent solution to make you more beautiful. Because life is too short to enjoy!

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